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Back in the Day: Sacramento County says “NO” to Rio Linda-Elverta Law Enforcement

Taken from The Rio Linda News, July 20th, 2007

In a presentation to the RLE Community Watch on June 21, 2007, Jerry Trautman spoke before more than 50 community members and law enforcement officers on the Rio Linda Elverta community’s need for better law enforcement.

Trautman indicated that the method, process and legislation currently exists to allow enhanced police protection of 10 additional officers, dedicated to the Rio Linda Elverta Community. Only the voters within the Rio Linda Elverta Community Plan boundaries will have a vote on this decision. This is a local decision that will be made by local people for local benefit.

A little known special district was approved by the Sacramento Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO) at the request of Sacramento County in April 2004. According to the recommendation of LAFCO. the “County Service Area No. 11 shall be authorized to exclusively provide the following service: Extended Police Protection.”

This is very important to our community because there is also a provision within the special district code that reads as follows: “The County Service Area law also permits zones of benefit within the District boundary. This allows communities to decide if they want different services as well as different levels of service.”

Under this law, the community of Rio Linda Elverta can decide to request that the Board of Supervisors allow Rio Linda Elverta to have a higher level of police protection (special benefit zone) than the surrounding county areas. This is paid for by a tax or levy that must be approved by 2/3 of the voters within the special benefit zone. Only the voters within the boundaries of the Rio Linda Elverta Community Plan would vote on this issue. The extended police protection would only apply to the boundaries of the Rio Linda Elverta Community Plan area.

According to research, a tax of $198.00 per parcel would result in sufficient revenues to provide 10 additional officers for Rio Linda El­verta. These officers would be dedicated to the Rio Linda Elverta Community Plan area and would not be spread out over the entire north area.

The really good news is that this extended police protection is separate from incorporation and would remain in place regardless of the success of incorporation. Also, there isn’t any need to wait for incorporation. This question can go on the next general election ballot and our community can get extended police protection very quickly. Should incorporation eventually succeed the additional officers would become part of the new town’s police force.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors need to approve a resolution authorizing the activation of County Service Area # 11 (CSA # 11), Special Benefit Zone for Extended Police Protection, for the area encompassed by the Rio Linda Elverta Community Plan boundaries.

Once the Board of Supervisors approves the resolution the next step is for the Board of Supervisors to authorize the issue to be placed on the next General Election Ballot. The Rio Linda Elverta Incorporation Committee has sufficient funds and is willing to pay the cost of placing the issue on the ballot.

However, Trautman says that there is a “fly in the ointment”. The Sacramento County staff reported to Trautman, that after a meeting between County Staff and the Sheriff’s Dept., they are recommending that Rio Linda Elverta not be allowed to proceed with the process to receive “extended police protection” for the community.

The RLE Community Watch does not accept that recommendation and will continue to pursue “extended po­lice protection” for the community.

Mr. Trautman received a hearty round of applause at ‘the conclusion of his presentation. He promised that the RLE Community Watch will continue to investigate this issue, especially if the community supports the idea. .

An audience member asked if it would be helpful to write a letter supporting CSA # 11, Special Benefit Zone and Trautman replied that it would. Letters should be sent to Sacramento County Supervisor Roger Dickinson, District I, 700 H Street, Suite 2450, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Each month the Community Watch Steering Committee meets on the first Thursday at 5:30p.m. in the Community Center at 810 Oak Lane in Rio Linda. All Zone Captains are encouraged to attend this meeting. The Steering Committee plans the upcoming Community Watch meeting each month. This is the time and place to get your issue on the agenda. What is happening in your neighborhood? What kind of help does your zone need? Do you have a zone Captain? Attend the Steering Committee meeting on the first Thursday each month to take back your neighborhood.

The regular meeting of the RLE Community Watch is the third Thursday of each month at 5:30p.m. in the Community Center at 810 Oak Lane in Rio Linda. Come to the next meeting on August 16, 2007, 5:30p.m. Bring a friend or neighbor with you. By uniting the Community Watch we can make our neighborhoods peaceful and livable again. Everyone must do their part and together Rio Linda Elverta will take back our neighborhoods.

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