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Criminal Investigation for Vivien Johnson

In the September 2009 issue of the North Country News, RLECWD Director Vivien Johnson published an editorial about the RLECWD. Johnson billed the district $389.50 to publish this piece and a public notice. The district paid Johnson.

On January 29, 2010, Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully sent this letter to the district informing them that the payment to Johnson violated Government Code 1090 and assigned the matter to a criminal investigator.

100129 Ltr DA WD JohnsonConflict

The Bee reported on this matter in the included article dated 2/12/2010. The Bee reporter asked then board president Mary Harris and Director Johnson about the payment in question. Their comments, or lack of, are included in the article.


Mary Harris denies knowledge of the payment to Johnson, stating, “But I don’t look at every line item. I have been such the little watchdog with every penny that has gone in and out that I kind of left it up to the finance committee.”

Attached is a copy of the check written to Johnson. It’s signed by…. MARY HARRIS!

RLECWD Check to North Country News

This is what you can expect if you vote for Johnson or Harris. More lies, scandals, half-truths, and still… 4 years later, there’s no more water coming out of the ground.

In the words of President Reagan, Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? How about 8 years ago?

In 8 years, there still have not been any new wells to provide the water source capacity we need. In fact, wells have been shut down and have gone unreplaced during the Harris & Johnson years. We have less water available TODAY than we had 8 years ago.

In fact, the capacity problem is so bad that the State of California will not let the RLECWD make any new connections until the problem is resolved. Here we sit, 4 years after Johnson was elected and we still don’t have enough water.

She’s begging for 4 more years to “complete the mission.” She sounds like another National politician who is asking for “4 more years”.

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

Don’t vote for Harris, Johnson, or Hood this November. It’s time for someone with some brains to do the heavy thinking.

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