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Community Awareness Safety Alliance recap for May 6 2015

2015-05-06 18.58.56The bi-monthly CASA meeting was held at the Depot building yesterday, May 6th 2015. Sacramento County Sheriffs Department, California Highway Patrol, Fulton/El Camino Park Police, and Twin Rivers Police Department were in attendance. Also attending was Ted Wolter, Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan’s Chief of Staff and someone from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office.

  • Our new POP officer is Deputy Dave McEntire. You can reach him at
  • The Sheriff are working on the vandalism that’s been happening at the at BMX track and quarter-midget track.
  • The owner at Aerial Lift has been having WEEKLY vandalism and theft from his property on 7th street.  He has a Sonitrol alarm, and they can hear the vandals breaking into the property. The alarm company calls the Sheriff, but the owner is able to beat the Sheriff t the property travelling from Auburn. The Deputy said  they just have too many pending priority calls. The Sheriff’s North Crime Prevention Specialist, Sherry Carhart,  will meet with him.
  • If you need to reach Sacramento County 911 on your cell phone, the number to use is 814-5111. Otherwise, you will get CHP’s call center.
  • CHP has no suspects and no further information in the hit and run accident that put 11-year old Austin Whidden in the hospital.
  • CHP also mentioned that the person involved in the officer-involved shooting near the high school was a “validated gang member”. They are not releasing any further information on the incident yet.
  • CHP has eight Pop officers in the entire CHP north area.
  • Motorcycle noise- Vehicle noise is limited to 90db. However, the officer needs to hear it to write the citation. It’s an infraction (fix-it ticket), and is handled by the BAR.
  • Don Flesch asked about the TRPD’s role in speed enforcement on Elkhorn in front of the high school. Sgt. Frank Speno pointed out that traffic enforcement is not the mission of the TRPD. The officer at the high school is a school resource officer, and is there to assist with issues on campus. Consider… What would happen if there was an active shooter or other life endangering situation on campus, and the TRPD officer was off campus writing a citation? He also mentioned that the TRPD has eight officers for the entire district. One SRO at each of the high schools. The others float between the other campuses.
  • Every department represented mentioned that they just don’t have enough officers for the call load they are handling currently.
  • Transients – The County is working with a new program that’s been helpful in the City connecting homeless and transients with the help they need to get off the streets. It’s called Steps Forward. They have volunteer “Navigators” that go into the communities and help the homeless face-to-face. Visit their web site here to find out more.
  • Best thing you can do to discourage panhandlers is to ignore them. If they’re not making money in a particular location they’ll move on.
  • Get pictures and license plate numbers for illegal RV campers and send them to the Sheriff’s email.
  • Ted Wolter from the Supervisor’s office spoke. The Supervisor’s office, the DA and the SSD are working to solve the issues at MarVal Plaza. In fact, Supervisor MacGlashan, Sac County DA Anne Marie Schubert and others took a van tour through Rio Linda last month to see the homeless problem and the issues at MarVal first hand.

Next meeting will be in September. Look to the Rio Linda Online Community Calendar for scheduling info at

Phone Numbers:

Sacramento County Sheriff Non-emergency – 874-5115

Sacramento County Sheriff emergency – 874-5111 or 911

Sacramento County Sheriff Transient Enforcement Detail – 874-1025


Email addresses:

Sacramento County Sheriff North POP officers

Sacramento County Sheriff Transient Enforcement Detail

CHP North POP officers

Twin Rivers Police



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