Educating Senior Citizens About Voting Options

Article Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2019

With the March 2020 Presidential Primary right around the corner, the Sacramento County Department of Voter Registration and Elections (VRE) aims to register every eligible voter in the County, increase voter turnout and educate every voter on voting accessibility and options. 

The VRE Outreach Team is visiting local senior living facilities and community centers to speak with the aging population about their voting options in 2020.  These presentations consist of an overview of the changes to voting in Sacramento County due to the Voter’s Choice Act, instruction on how and when to update their voter registration, as well as general information about their voting options for the upcoming 2020 election cycle. These presentations are intended to educate our senior population to prepare them to exercise their right to vote in 2020.
More about the Voter’s Choice Act
Sacramento County is one of the original five counties in California that implemented the Voter’s Choice Act in 2018, expanding voting opportunities for all residents. VRE saw positive results in the primary and general election in 2018 and looks forward to improved ease and access for voters as we enter the 2020 Election cycle.  
As a reminder, here are the changes the VCA allows:
Choose how, when and where you want to vote.

  • By Mail: All registered voters will receive a ballot in the mail. Place the voted ballot inside the envelope provided, sign the envelope and return – your postage is paid!
  • Vote Center: With the passage of the California Voter’s Choice Act, traditional polling places have been replaced with Vote Centers that are open for up to 11 days, including Election Day. This means voters can choose when, where and how they want to vote – at ANY Vote Center in the County. Avoid the lines, vote early! 
    • At the Vote Center you can drop off your completed ballot OR vote in person. There is even weekend voting!
      • 18 Vote Centers open for 11 days 
      • 84 Vote Centers open for four days 
      • 57 Drop Boxes – Voted/signed ballots may be placed in any of the 57 secure Drop Box locations throughout Sacramento County. 
  • Eligible residents can also register to vote, update their registration and cast their ballot at a Vote Center, even on the day of the election.

A complete list of locations can be found online and will be provided in the Sacramento County Voter Information Guide that will be mailed out prior to the election.
For more election and voter information, visit the Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections website.

To register to vote visit the California Online Voter Registration website



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