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Notes from the Sheriff’s Rio Linda and Elverta Community Meeting – March 1, 2017

Sheriff’s POP Team presented a short power point presentation.

The presentation provided our contact information.

Emergency 874-5111

Non emergency 874-5115

Sheriff’s POP or 876-5729

Sheriff’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT)  874-1025

Our information is vetted and reliable. is a good tool, but it is not vetted information and we do not have access to information on sites. We can only post on

We can also share information with you on Facebook, Twitter, 311 to connect. By working together we strengthen our partnership to rid our community of crime. We welcome you to be part of the online world. See for more information.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for the Sheriff’s Department and you want to invest yourself in your community, contact our Volunteer Services Bureau You can download the Volunteer Application.  We are looking for more volunteers for the Rio Linda office as well as the Dewey and soon to open Orangevale offices.

California Highway Patrol Dispatch 861-1300,  Tyler Street office 348-2300.

CHP Problem Oriented Policing Team

CHP advised that they have complaints of ATVs and Dirt bikes performing illegal or reckless driving in the area. Dirt bikes and ATVs are too dangerous to catch, due to the risk of injury to the driver of the dirt bike or ATV when the driver fails to stop when CHP attempts to talk with them. The last the last thing that CHP wants is for them to get hurt when trying to run from CHP.

So, if you know who it is who is performing illegal or reckless driving, give them a call or an email.  We talk to the parents, knock on the door to let the adult in the house know that the driver is being unsafe.  We possibly make take the bike.  We don’t want the driver to run, so the safety way to stop the problem is to talk to the parent.

We are trying to work on RV issues in the area.  We can move them, tag them. But to tow one, runs between $2,500 to $3,000 each.  The costs of removing the waste and salvage of the RVs make it difficult for the tow company so that is why the cost is so high.  Our issue is the high cost.

We are trying to find ways with working with Code Enforcement and petitioning additional sources of funding to address chronic RVs.  We continue to get calls on RVs on 3-1-1.

When RVs or illegally parked vehicles are on private property, we work with the private property owner to try and remove the vehicle.

Resident in the audience said “…these nuisance vehicles attract other crazy or creepy people to them.”  When you see a nuisance vehicle, please call that in to or Patrol. Call and advise us of the location and details.

Resident in the audience said “…is there a homeless handout?”  See attached pdf.

Homeless Outreach Team Deputies Knacke and Mantei advised that Deputy Pace from their team is retiring.  They showed several photographs or nuisance camps that had recently been abatement.  They are staying on top of 28th and Elverta.  They are working proactively with the Regional County Park Rangers and plan to work together again on the area that was flooded at Elkhorn and 6th.  They have an operation planned and will also utilized the Sheriff’s Work Project and Sacramento Steps Forward.  Sacramento Steps Forward offers assistance to the homeless and the work crew will assist in cleaning up the area.  Email or phone 874-1025 if you see any camps.

Resident in the audience said “…that they are part of the ‘Friends of Dry Creek Parkway’ and that they do cleanups along the parkway and that they regularly find 1-2 vacant camps and that they haul their stuff away.”  In the event that you do locate camps in the County Parkway, you can contact Sacramento Regional Parks and they will manage the camps.  We try and find a balance between the needs of the community and with the homeless.  If you do see any inappropriate behavior with the homeless call the Sheriff’s department immediately and we will address.  The Sheriff’s department plays a role in the solution, but we are not the sole answer to the problem, nor the sole solution.  Our biggest issue is service resistance.  We don’t arrest homeless, just for being homeless.  If there is an illegal behavior, we need to know about it.  If we don’t know about it, we can’t respond.  Our Sacramento Steps Forward has Navigators that work on establishing a relationship with the homeless.  They work very hard; they make contact, complete files, get them a bed, many are on a list for beds and when we have a bed available, we have to find that person again.  This is not an excuse for not getting them off the street right away, it is just a reality of the times.

Lieutenant Henry continued with a power point slide that provided two tables.

  1. A monthly threshold report of crimes for the Rio Linda and Elverta areas.  The crimes included “Part 1 Crimes or UCR crimes” are Uniform Crime Reporting offenses that reported monthly and they include; homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft and arson.   Crime tables showed that crime is extremely low in this area.
  2. A six month summary of Part 1 crime for the Rio Linda and Elverta areas from August 2016 to present.  The crime was normal, and lower than average.  If the Sheriff’s department were to see a spike in crime then they would look to see many factors to determine if it was continuing, where the spike was, they would talk to our analysts and get further information.  But there is no spiking in crime.  Our Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) data show real time data.  There is no spiking.

Social media may tell you or make you feel like there is a lot of crime.  You’re just seeing more information because of these sites that are now available and talk about more crime.

Sheriff’s Detective Todd Roe of Property Crimes advised of crime in the area.  The property crimes Division has six detectives that investigate all burglaries, two that assist with stolen vehicles, one pawn detective and one metal theft/recyclables.

The Rio Linda/Elverta February crime numbers are not unusual and are low for February, possibly due to all the rainy weather.  The #1 method of entry to a locked vehicle is a window smash.  Take time to remove anything that appears to be valuable before you leave your vehicle and make sure that your vehicle is locked.  Limit yourself to being a victim, by locking an empty and clean vehicle.

If your valuable item has a serial number, record it.  Take a hot and store it on your phone or computer.  The National Stolen Property Database keeps records of all the serial numbers of stolen items.  If we can find a person with a stolen item, we can charge that person with an additional crime and get your property return to you.  So keep a log or record of your serial numbers and valuable.

Our new Board of Supervisor for Rio Linda and Elverta, Sue Frost then spoke and introduced her new Chief of Staff Matt Hedges. For more information go to her web site.  It has a list of resources and she wants to hear from you, so check out her on-line links and see her community survey.

Approximately 45 persons attended the meeting.


Thanks to Sherrie Carhart, Crime Prevention Specialist

Sheriff’s North Division,

Community Calendar

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Rio Linda/Elverta Visions Neighborhood Association

Sac Metro Fire Station #111
7:00 pm

LifePointe Celebrate Recovery

LifePointe Church of the Nazarene
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Rio Linda Depot Building
6:00 pm

Bible Superheroes Kid’s bible study

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