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Sacramento County Marijuana Ordinance Amendment

Sacramento, CA— On Monday, March 27, Sacramento County planners will request the County Planning Commission consider a Marijuana Ordinance related to commercial marijuana activities and personal marijuana cultivation.

​The proposed ordinance will amend the Zoning Code to prohibit all commercial marijuana businesses and activities, and includes provisions allowing for the cultivation of marijuana plants for personal use consistent with the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), subject to County Code regulations and requirements. Personal cultivation of up to nine marijuana plants will be allowed when grown inside a private residence by persons 21 years of age or older, while all outdoor marijuana cultivation will be banned.

The AUMA was approved by California voters in 2016 and legalizes the use and cultivation for non-medical marijuana for those 21 years of age and the personal cultivation of up to six marijuana plants. The AUMA also authorizes a comprehensive State system to regulate commercial marijuana activity, and the State is still developing these regulations. The AUMA also allows local governments to adopt and enforce local ordinances to regulate or prohibit commercial marijuana activities.

The Marijuana ordinance, including Zoning Code and County Code amendments, will be considered by the Board of Supervisors ​at a later date to be determined.

Questions and comments about the proposed ordinance can be directed to marijuana.ordinance@saccounty.net. Comments and questions will be forwarded to the hearing bodies and m​ay be posted online. Names and other identifying information will not be included on the public postings.

For information and FAQs on marijuana ordinances in the Unincorporated County, visit http://www.saccounty.net/Business/Pages/Marijuana.aspx. Individuals may also receive email updates about marijuana dispensaries and marijuana-related business news.

Read more information about County Planning Commission Meetings at its website.

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