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CDPH says One Parent Allowed at High School Football Games

Late Tuesday, the CDPH (California Department of Public Health) very quietly laid out some additional guidelines for additional attendees at youth sports events, particularly high school football games.

Under the new guidelines, Age-appropriate supervision (spectators) should be limited to a single adult or immediate family member older than the sport participant. Previously the State had advised that up to four immediate-family members would be admitted to games.

This new guidance also states that “cheer, band, drumline or other supporting groups are not allowed to attend sporting events at this time.”

Update: It’s now understood that the CDPH will be issuing additional guidance that classifies cheerleading as a sport, and as such would be allowed. We are still awaiting that guidance.

Update: Michelle Dapper at KCRA has received new guidance from the CDPH:

“Today CDPH will clarify that sideline cheer is an allowable sport under the state’s youth and adult recreational sports guidelines. Sideline cheer is considered comparable to competitive cheer as a moderate-contact sport”

Obviously this is a rapidly evolving situation. I will continue to update this information on the Rio Linda Messenger Facebook and Twitter pages.

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