Ownership and Funding Information

Rio Linda Online, Inc. is a company registered in Sacramento County, California, USA.

Our full registered business address is 132 Withington Ave., Rio Linda, CA 95673. Our phone number is 916-289-6436.

Our mailing address is 1346 Q Street, Rio Linda, CA 95673.

Rio Linda Online is fully owned by John and ViAnn Todd, a partnership.

The Publisher of the Rio Linda Messenger is John Todd.

We utilise a number of advertising providers for display ads throughout our website and on Facebook.

We also receive tips and donations from our readers as well as having introduced a subscription plan through Patreon.

We are under no obligation to accept all donations and if we felt at any time such a donation would compromise our work or integrity we have a right to refuse it.

We also have an online shop that sells a variety of products. The profits from this are reinvested in our news organization.