FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Rio Linda and Elverta

Q: Wasn’t there a movie filmed in Rio Linda in the 80s?

A: Close! “Breaking the Rules” was filmed in Rio Linda, specifically a long rotating shot with the main characters eating lunch in front of the Archway Frostie.

At 58:36 of the film, It starts with a high shot of the arch and pans downward to the Frostie building. It then centers on the C. Thomas Howell character, pans right, catching the palm trees, the arch, the Archway Auto Supply with the 2nd floor intact, and the Rexall building with the bright orange sign and a painted wall sign advertising live music at Lew’s Club. Lew’s then comes into view, followed by BG’s, and the then under-construction professional building on Rio Linda Boulevard. It continues to rotate around the table, showing the field behind the Frostie.

As we pan past the arch we see a fireworks stand and a Uhaul trailer, which defines the date of filming as July of 1991. It’s unusually breezy for July at the time of filming, so it’s likely that it was filmed on July 1st or 2nd.

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