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County Forms Watt Ave Business District

On July 28, 2015, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors formed the Watt Avenue Property and Business Improvement District (PBID). The PBID includes properties in the area between Watt Avenue, Roseville Road and Interstate 80. Property owners in the proposed district recently cast ballots in favor of forming the PBID. A coalition of businesses in the area requested its formation. Their goal is to increase occupancy, property values and sales, and attract new tenants. Funds generated by the PBID will be used for increased security, image enhancement, maintenance and abatement and capital improvements.

“Congratulations to the Watt Avenue business community,” said Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters, District 3. “We look forward to a long and productive public-private partnership which will enhance the Watt Avenue corridor for neighbors, customers and business owners.”

Two successful PBIDS are already operating in Sacramento County. The Florin Road PBID was formed in 1997 and the Fulton Avenue PBID was formed in 1998. Their property owners have renewed both districts multiple times since they were formed.

A majority of the ballots cast favored forming the Watt Avenue PBID. The County mailed 122 ballots to property owners in early June 2015.  The ballots received were tabulated on July 28, 2015 and the results were reported to the Board of Supervisors. The PBID will provide funding for services with an annual assessment to property owners, which will generate $446,000 in the first year. The PBID will have a five-year term. The property owners must vote again in 2020 to renew the district.

“This has been a two year process to bring the businesses and property owners together to identify the needs of the area and the best way to fund additional services,” said Jeff Donlevy from Recycling Industries. “Chronic crime problems are hurting our businesses and our community. We know that PBIDs in other parts of Sacramento have helped solve similar problems, improved the image of the areas and created a better business environment.”

A new nonprofit corporation, the Watt Avenue Partnership, is being formed to serve as the owners’ association. The Partnership will form a board of directors consisting of property owners and business representatives to oversee the services in the PBID. The Partnership, with assistance from the Department of Community Development, will return each year with an annual report for the Board’s approval as well as a request to levy the assessments for the following fiscal year.

Many businesses and organizations have been instrumental in the formation of the PBID. They include the County of Sacramento, Safe Credit Union, Recycling Industries, Yoder and Associates, The Gun Range, Capital City Recycling, Heritage Door Company, Regional Transit, Walmart, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Twin Rivers School District, San Juan School District, Sacramento Metro Fire District, SMUD, the City of Sacramento, and the Sacramento Regional Transit District.

For more information about the PBID, please email wattavepbid@gmail.com.

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