Low-Cost Clinic Keeps Pets Healthy and Home

Pet owners whose animals venture outdoors can be keenly aware of the possible dangers to their animals, such as rabies and other illnesses as well as pets becoming lost. However, indoor animals may occasionally get out and face the same risks. In partnership with VIP Pet Care, the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter offers low-cost vaccination and microchip clinics every third Thursday of the month, 3 – 5 p.m. at 3839 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, CA 95827. 

In addition to keeping pets healthy, the clinic focuses on making sure pets can safely find their way home. Most pets who get lost and find their way to the shelter have no identification tags and no microchip, making reunification difficult. 

For only $30, pet owners can buy the extra security that has proven to reunite many owners and their pets. Though visible tags are the first line of identification for animals, they may wear off, fall off or get lost. Unlike traditional ID tags, permanent microchips can contain owner contact information, pet information and Bradshaw Animal Shelter’s contact information, and most vets and shelters can easily scan them.  

“A microchip greatly increases the chances your pet will be returned to you when lost. It just takes a moment to scan, and then we can quickly reunite pets with their families. Sadly, most pets who enter our shelter are not microchipped, and we have seen many beloved pets stay for several months before their owners finally tracked down where they were. It’s heartbreaking.” 

Annette Bedsworth, Director of the Bradshaw Animal Shelter

Pet owners can take advantage of the clinic’s affordable microchipping services on the third Thursday of every month, as well as prevent illness. Pets with up-to-date vaccinations and preventive care are protected from illnesses including heartworm, kennel cough, Bordetella, parvo and Lyme disease. If unvaccinated animals contract illnesses, an owner may face costly treatments and surgeries for these preventable diseases. And when pets receive rabies vaccinations, it not only helps to prevent them from contracting the disease from bats, skunks, and raccoons, but it also protects residents from contracting the virus if bitten by an infected animal.

Licensing can be done at the same time as vaccinations and microchips for as little as $15. Owners may also conveniently purchase a license online. This inexpensive service proves a pet’s ownership and home address, and animals found by County animal officers can be returned immediately to the home, saving the stress of a shelter stay for the animal and the owners. 

Vaccinations, microchipping and licensing cost a small fee that proves priceless when owners have safe, healthy pets at home where they belong.

Don’t have a pet? The Bradshaw Animal Shelter has many available pets for adoption looking for loving homes. Adoptions include spay/neuter surgery, vaccines and microchipping. Visit the Bradshaw Animal Shelter’s website to view a list of adoptable pets.

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