Save Gibson Ranch

Gibson Ranch parkLast night at the RLE Park District Board meeting the main topic was Gibson Ranch. There was between forty to fifty persons, from through out the North Area, in attendance.

The community comments were 100% in favor of our Park District taking control of Gibson Ranch as long as there is not a negative financial impact on our RLE Park District. There was support offered by representatives of many groups in the North Area (Rio Linda, Elverta, North Highlands, Antelope, Foothill Farms).

Our Park Board voted 5-0 to send a resolution to Sacramento County Board of Supervisors.  The resolution basically stated that let’s work something out that will benefit our community as well as the region to keep Gibson Ranch open seven days a week. Our Park District now is looking to get letters of support, from individuals as well as service groups, about Gibson Ranch. Please state to our Park District how you or your group would like to help, whether it be; in spirit, writing, volunteering, etc.

There is also  a Non Profit called “RLE Foundation for the Future”.  Donations in almost any form can be made to “The Foundation”.  For more info, you can call the RLE Park District at 991-5929 and/or email Don Schatzel, Administrator, “Don Schatzel” <>. Please look for “Gibson Ranch” and “The Foundation” future update’s at the following websites;,,

Thanks to Hal Morris.

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