Which Came First? Here’s How to Find Out.

Sacramento Magazine is reporting that GullyRumpus Farm on 28th street is allowing families to incubate and hatch chicken or quail eggs at home. GullyRumpus owner Linda Easton started the “Hatch@Home” program to expand her farm’s flock by “sharing hatching duties with people in the community.”

Northern California residents can hop on a waiting list to participate in the four-week program, which costs $175 and includes fertile eggs, an incubator, a video orientation and hatching guide, an egg candler, a brooder box, and plenty of organic chick feed and a chick heater.

Once the chicks hatch, participants can care for them until they rejoin Easton’s flock, or they can keep the chicks to raise themselves. There are two different types of chicks available, Black Australorp chickens, a heritage breed that can be used for both meat and eggs, and Coturnix quail, which may be quieter than chickens and take up less space. The quail also lay lovely blue eggs.

Visit the GullyRumpus Farm website for more information.

Photo via GullyRumpus Farm Facebook page.

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