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Fatal Accident at Elkhorn and Dry Creek

Last night at 9pm, the California Highway Patrol received reports of a sideshow taking place at Dutch Haven and Elverta Road.

When officers arrived on the scene, there were over 100 vehicles and pedestrians blocking the intersection.

While officers were dispersing the crowd, CHP officers attempted to make a traffic stop on a Honda Accord. The Honda Accord failed to yield and a pursuit was initiated.

Ultimately, as the Accord was traveling southbound, the driver entered the Elkhorn and Dry Creek intersection against the red light and collided with a Honda Civic traveling eastbound on Elkhorn.

The driver of the Honda Civic was transported for major injuries. Her fetus suffered fatal injuries. The passenger suffered moderate injuries and was transported to a local hospital.

The Honda Accord was occupied by a juvenile driver (17 years old), one juvenile passenger (17 years old), and two adult male passengers.

The passengers in the Honda Accord were transported to local hospitals for complaint of pain injuries.

The suspect was arrested, medically cleared, and booked into the Sacramento County Juvenile Hall for multiple charges related to the pursuit and injury causing collision. Drugs or alcohol do not appear to be a factor in this collision.

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  • These sideshows and reckless driving are pure idiocy. Seems like they’ve slowed down down recently on 2nd/quadra area. But I’ve seen videos on YouTube of big gatherings near Elverta in the past couple years. Everyone’s seen the Natomas sideshow busts.
    Why would people come from the Bay to Elverta? Something funny is going on. This accident was terrible and it’s a complete disgrace. Kudos to the CHP for responding at all.
    These sideshows are also taking place in the new Metro Air Park as well.
    As someone who came from a place with snow and ice in the winter, everyone spins their car around in an icy parking lot when they were young. It’s fun and it helps you learn to handle the car. And then you stop doing it. Where I’m originally from, people don’t have sideshows, they have wintertime. There is no fascination with spinning your car in a circle. To me its completely counterintuitive and moronic. Not to mention dangerous. I just don’t get it. And when people block a highway to do that, they need to be made an example of. Just like the juvenile who caused this accident.

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