Dry Creek Parkway Trail Project Needs to Hear from You

Sacramento County is set to embark on an ambitious project to enhance its outdoor recreation infrastructure with a new multi-functional trail. The Sacramento County Regional Parks department has unveiled plans for a $7.7 million initiative aimed at extending the Dry Creek Bikeway. This extension will stretch northwards to the Placer County boundary, offering a scenic route along Dry Creek for a diverse group of users including cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, and individuals using wheelchairs. The commencement of construction is slated for 2025, as per a recent announcement by the county.

Before work commences, Sacramento County wants to hear from the Rio Linda/Elverta residents.

This Saturday, February 3rd, you will be able to visit one of two locations and provide your feedback on the project. These locations will be open from 10am to 1pm.

  • Elverta Park & Ride, on Rio Linda Blvd, South of Elverta Road
  • Rancho Elverta Neighborhood, at Rafael Drive & Rio Linda Blvd

For questions about the event, email clarkma@saccounty.gov

Liz Bellas, the Director of Regional Parks, emphasized the significance of this development. She highlighted that the trail will not only provide a safe, off-road option for users of all ages and abilities but also address the lack of such facilities in the northern part of the county. Additionally, this extension is seen as a crucial step in bridging gaps in the regional active transportation network.

The trail’s construction will be executed in phases. The initial segment will start at the juncture of 24th and U streets in Rio Linda, running alongside Dry Creek, near the Cherry Island Golf Course, and extending northeast towards Placer County. Another segment will link the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail with the Dry Creek Trail close to Elkhorn Boulevard in Rio Linda. According to Sacramento Parks spokesman Ken Casparis, this initiative aims to create a larger, interconnected biking network.

A future vision for this trail involves integrating it into a 70-mile cycling loop in the region, potentially connecting Placer County to the American River Trail. Although this expansive loop is still conceptual, there is optimism about its feasibility, as stated by Casparis. This trail plan aligns with recommendations from the Sacramento Area Council of Governments under the 2023 Active Transportation Program by the California Transportation Commission, which advocates for increased walking and biking. Funding for the project includes $992,000 approved by Sacramento Parks, supplemented by the $7.7 million allocated by the state’s transportation commission.

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