07/16/2019 Aerial Mosquito Spraying Notice

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District plans to treat the following areas of Sacramento and Yolo Counties for adult mosquitoes that may carry the potentially fatal West Nile virus.

Agricultural aerial treatments may be cancelled if weather conditions or other issues prohibit scheduled treatment. 

Tuesday July 16th, between 7:00pm-midnight
95837, 95836, 95835, 95626, 95673

As part of the District’s Integrated Pest Management program and Mosquito-Borne Disease Management Plan, the District will administer Ultra Low Volume (ULV) treatments by using ground and/or aerial equipment in and around areas where mosquito counts and virus activity have met treatment criteria.

The products applied by the District are designed to quickly reduce adult mosquito populations and to protect public health and welfare. All products are registered and evaluated by the California Environmental Protection Agency.
If an individual wants to take additional action to reduce exposure, the following steps may be taken:
·      Remain indoors during applications in your immediate area.
·      Consult your doctor if you have special health conditions or concerns.
For additional information about the District’s adult mosquito treatment program please visit them online at or give us a call at 800-429-1022

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