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3-Alarm Fire Destroys Mobile Homes, RVs, Vehicles

Yesterday evening around 8:30 pm, on the second-hottest day in Sacramento history, a large and rapidly spreading fire was reported to Metro Fire in the town of Riego at Locust Road and Lowell Street.

Metro Fire has a mutual aid agreement with Placer County, which allows Metro Fire assets to respond to Placer County Fires.

Metro Fire PIO Chris Vestal said that the fire was caused by an overheated generator powering an AC unit in a mobile home which then spread to other mobile homes, recreational vehicles, cars, and grass on the property.  Additionally, there were exploding tanks on-site which were affected by the fire, but their contents are not confirmed.

Vestal also mentions that the nearest fire hydrant was over 3 miles away. Water supply was maintained by using water tenders to supply fire engines. 

Responding fire equipment from Sacramento County was routed around the Placer County gate on Locust Road.

Eyewitnesses and readers living in the area report propane tanks cooking off and shooting across the streets to set other yards ablaze.