Air Force One is Coming to McClellan Tomorrow. Here’s what it means for you.

In a last minute change to the President’s schedule, President Trump will be flying from Las Vegas to Sacramento tomorrow, September 14, 2020, to receive briefings on the California wildfires.

Air Force One and a host of other military planes will be landing at McClellan Field around 10 am. Wheels down for AF1 is expected at 10:40 am according to a White House press office planning release.

Speaking from experience, having seen both Clinton and Bush land at McClellan, Elkhorn Blvd. and Q Street generally get closed when AF1 is on final approach. The timing is rarely perfect. You should expect Elkhorn Blvd and Q Street to be closed for a good portion of the morning, at least between 10 and 11 am.

What should also be expected with this president are demonstrations and protests. One of those protests is going to effect us in Rio Linda directly.

The organization “Placer County for Trump” is planning a rolling demonstration along Elkhorn Blvd. to Watt Ave. from 9am to 2pm. They expect over 200 vehicles.

Organizers have chosen to meet at the RLHS stadium parking lot between 8 and 9am. With Elkhorn Blvd. being secured around 10am, we can effectively expect Elkhorn to be closed from 8am to 2pm tomorrow.

There are two protests scheduled on Watt Avenue tomorrow. One is at Ruth Inman park, which lines the east side of Watt Ave. between the Palm and Peacekeeper gates. Another doesn’t have a specific location.

Effectively, Watt will also be socked in with traffic for most of the morning until AF1 flies out at 12:40 pm.

The President’s public schedule for Monday reads as follows: