So, this post has NOTHING to do with Rio Linda, but I'm going to work it in somehow.

betamaxmas.comSo, this post has NOTHING to do with Rio Linda, but I’m going to work it in somehow.

By now, you’ve probably deduced that I’m a pretty nostalgic guy, pining for the good ol days, not realizing until it’s too late that the best days of our lives come , and go, with a shocking rapidity.

My best days were spent at 140 Monticello ave, on the corner of Monticello and west 2nd street. This is the house I grew up in, where I spent winters at Westside Elementary, and summers in the fields that hadn’t yet been overgrown by 3 bedroom 2 bath cookie cutter homes. The house has changed hadns a few times since about 1986 when we moved out… I even got the chance to move back in when it opened up as a rental in the early 90’s.

Most importantly, this is the house where I spent my Christmases as a child, and it was great. Right across the street was an open field where my dad made a bicycle race track for me to ride my new bike on. Right down the street were friends Glen, and Rody and Jimmy and Tommy and we often got together to compare our hauls. Not ten houses away is my grandparent’s house of Elkhorn Blvd, where we celebrated Christmas Eve with the entire family every year, and where my uncle Art (who worked for Caltrans in the CSierra) would bring a truck bed full of snow down from the mountains.

So, yeah… I remember those days fondly, and I am reminded of those times every time I visit

Honestly, this is the most brilliant, inspired implementation of youtube videos I’ve ever seen. I’s like you’re sitting in the living room, or garage, or basement of your parent’s house somewhere around 1987/88. No cable here… you want a good picture, you get up and move the rabbit ears pal.

Watch it for a while, and see if it doesn’t make you think way back, just for a minute or two.

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