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Blacktop Road Fire Leads to Narcotics Investigation

Around 1:30am, Metro Fire was alerted to a fire in the 6400 block of Blacktop Road in Western Rio Linda.

Upon arrival they found a fully involved warehouse, the home of Five Star Auto and RV.

The fire caused the roof to partially collapse and firefighters had to break through the rollup doors to get to the fire.

“There’s been some suspicion based on some odor of cannabis or marijuana that there might be something else in this area. So we don’t know that it’s directly related to the fire,” Sacramento Metro Fire Captain Chris Vestal said.

Investigators were finally able to get inside the building once the sun came up. What they initially thought was a propane tank was filled with butane oil. The property was also filled with marijuana, as seen in video from RLO contributor Sara Williams.

Marijuana and butane oil indicates a honey oil lab was located on the property.

Security Camera video of the explosion was provided by RLO sponsors Sacramento Towing and Transport.

Eyewitnesses report burned clothing was found, and possibly blood on an access gate.

Investigators are still on scene.

Photos by Sara Williams.

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