Bomb squad busy in Rio Linda


An Elk Grove High School chemistry teacher is not facing charges after a pickup truck belonging to the instructor, was found with suspicous device inside.

Sacramento Metro Fire spokesman Scott Cockrum said just after 12 p.m. Sunday, a tow truck driver brought a pickup truck to the fire station on Rio Linda Boulevard. The driver told firefighters he was instructed to tow away the truck when it was left on a private property nearby. He noticed what appeared to be a suspicious looking device inside and asked firefighters to take a look.

Cockrum said containers with wires hanging out of them along with a button and other chemical containers, were found inside the truck. Firefighters called in the Sacramento Sheriff bomb squad, who determined some type of liquid was inside the containers. The squad detonated the device a short time later.

According to Cockrum, investigators said the truck belonged to an Elk Grove High School chemistry teacher, whose name was not released. The teacher told authorities he had the items in his truck to make his own fireworks show.

Investigators later went to the home of the teacher to see if he was in possession of any illegal explosives. Investigators determined that the instructor would not be facing any criminal charges.




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