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Community Awareness Safety Alliance update for July 2013

Some quick notes from the July 18th Rio Linda/Elverta Community Awareness Safety Alliance meeting:

  • Along with Wendy Whitehouse of the Rio Linda Facebook group, we rallied nearly 50 members of our community to the meeting. What a great turnout, and we thank you very much for getting involved! Numbers have a huge impact, so keep it up!
  • There was NO law enforcement in attendance. This was a grave disappointment. Usually there are usually 3-4 deputies and investigators from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, a couple of CHP officers, and someone from Twin Rivers PD and Monument Security (The RLERPD security company) attending. Afterwards, we were told that the SSD doesn’t do any community events during the month of July. This was brand new information to me, and I deeply apologize to anyone I inconvenienced by indicating the Sheriff’s Department would be there. Erwin Hayer also noted that he had no communication from the CHP or TRPD that they would not be sending representatives. My personal feeling was that it’s a huge disappointment that we can’t get law enforcement out here for a 1/2 hour every 60 days, and it is indicative of the level of protection we receive. With the knowledge that the SSD doesn’t participate in community forums during July,  it still feels like they are on vacation while we’re showing up to help make our communities safer. It’s a huge missed opportunity. This situation does have a happy ending… please read on.
  • Lisa Morris of the RLERPD Board of Directors noted that they were close to signing a security contract with the Fulton-El Camino Park Police to provide security services in the RLERPD parks. These are fully POST-trained and certified police officers who can write citations and make arrests. In fact, that same night at the RPD board meeting, Mr. Robert Erikson from the FEC-PD cleaned up Depot Park by gently evicting some people drinking in the park, and writing a few citations. A contract has not yet been signed, but it sounds like a very positive step in cleaning up our parks.
  • Charlea Moore observed that someone was living in a camper and cardboard home at the corner of Front and O Streets.
  • Erwin Hayer mentioned that he has not been able to get any information from the Sacramento County Department of Transportation  about who is responsible for patrolling the bike trails. When the Sheriff is called they won’t respond because it’s not in their area of responsibility. Ted Wolter of Supervisor MacGlashan’s offce mentioned that he would get an answer on the issue.
  • Twin Rivers School District board member Bob Bastian mentioned that with the new Twin Rivers PD chief Harvey Woo in place, they are now working in the direction of having TRPD patrol Rio Linda once again.
  • Stacey Bastian, RLERPD board member, mentioned that TRPD and Fulton-El Camino PD would work together to sweep the neighborhoods and that Chief Erikson knows incoming Chief Harvey Woo quite well.
  • Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan then took her opportunity to address the group and answer questions.
  • The new library grand opening will be in late October. The old library will be closed for a few weeks while the transfer of books and equipment takes place.
  • Ted Wolter, Supervisor MacGlashan’s Chief of Staff, had been texting with Sheriff Scott Jones throughout the meeting. The level of frustration was apparent from both the gathered community members and the Supervisor. By the end of the meeting, Ms. MacGlashan noted that the Sheriff had agreed to host a special Town Hall meeting in the coming weeks, before the next CASA meeting in September. The date is to be determined and will be widely communicated on this web site, Facebook, and flyers throughout the community.

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