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Cowboys, Farmers & Ranchers at the Rio Linda Library

Cowboy_0Hey, little dudes and dudettes, come on out to the Library to see horses, chickens, and goats, and learn about where your food comes from. The first 100 little cowgirls and cowboys will receive a cowboy hat and a Rio Linda homemade bandana to wear on the range. Trick roping with Dos Caballeros at 4:00.

Enjoy a farm-themed event and sign up for our Read to the Rhythm Summer Reading Challenge. Meet local cowboys, farmers and ranchers. Come on down to Rio Linda Library’s big Summer Reading Kick-off.

June 6, Saturday, 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Rio Linda Library
631 L St., Rio Linda

Join in a fun-filled day:
• See horses, chickens, goats and more.
• Plant seeds from gourds, spin wool and learn where your food comes from.
• Watch a trick roping demonstration at 4 p.m.
• Play games sponsored by the Rio Linda Historical Society.
• Free cowboy hats and homemade bandanas for the first 100 little cowgirls and cowboys.

Farmer Cutting his Crop of Hay.Elder Craftsman – this group made and donated 100 bandanas to be given to all of the little cowgirls and cowboys
Rio Linda Grange #403 – will plant seeds with children
Rio Linda Quilt Trail Project – will donate small gourds for kids to break open, harvest seeds, and replant seeds into the gourd shells
Rio Linda Historical Society – offers a game for kids to play that teaches some of the history of agriculture in Rio Linda
Creekwood Equestrian Park – will share information about the horse community in the area
Green Acres 4-H – will bring horses and sheep
Schenk Family Ranch – will bring horses, goats, chickens
Crimmins Family Ranch – will bring miniature horses
Dos Caballeros – two local cowboys will demonstrate trick roping at 4:00
Rio Linda High School Agriculture Department – students will volunteer
Rio Linda Library Teen Advisory Board – youth will volunteer
Friends of Rio Linda Library – financially sponsor this event


This Summer Reading program is sponsored by: Friends of Rio Linda Library; Rio Linda Grange #403; Elder Craftsman; Rio Linda Quilt Trail Project; Rio Linda Historical Society; Creekwood Equestrian Park; Green Acres 4-H Horse Club; Schenk Family Ranch; Crimmins Family Ranch; Rio Linda High School Agriculture Department; Dos Caballeros

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