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Did Supervisor candidate Mike Kozlowski “Forget” to submit a Statement of Qualifications?

I have to wonder why a candidate backed by the political establishment, with all their money (almost $150K in the primary) and supposed savvy, could “forget” to file a Statement of Candidate Qualifications – the most critical document that goes to every single voter. Yet in the Official Guide there is no statement from Mike Kozlowski.

Perhaps it was a strategic move to avoid a legal challenge to Mike’s previous misleading public statements about being a businessman and an architect – both of which we now know are not true.

Mike also claimed to oppose raising taxes, yet at the Citrus Heights Chamber debate stated that he supports the $3 Billion sales tax hike.

If Mike wasn’t telling the truth when he made those statements, how can we trust him to represent us as Sacramento County Supervisor?

Perhaps those backing his campaign can answer the question. The Campaign Filings at the County Registrar of Voters site, shows that over 95% of Kozlowski’s money came from a single special interest — almost $150,000 in “independent expenditures” – from a Political Action Committee called Region Builders. Kozlowski was listed as a Board Member of the group.

It is clear that Kozlowski is the handpicked candidate by Region Builders who is funding his campaign. As noted in the Sacramento Bee story on September 4, “follow the money.” Mike will owe a big debt of gratitude to special interests who plucked him out of obscurity and showered him with hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.

It also calls into question those politicians who are backing Kozlowski – who has almost no experience or record of involvement, other than losing a campaign in Folsom four years ago, where he was criticized for mudslinging and big-money from special interests. Are they doing the bidding of big-money interests or vice-versa?

We need to elect leaders who we can trust to tell us the truth, who have a record of accomplishment, and who are committed to stand up for District 4 residents. Mike Kozlowski fails all those tests.

  • Bob Pitvorec

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