Dry Creek Parkway Trail Project to Break Ground in 2025

​​The Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks is excited to announce its Dry Creek Parkway Trail project! This project is made possible thanks to a recommendation by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) that was adopted as part of the California Transportation Commission’s 2023 Active Transportation Program.

“We are thrilled with the Commission’s decision to adopt the 2023 Active Transportation Program, which included SACOG’s $7,704,000 recommendation for Regional Parks,” said Patrick Kennedy, District 2 Supervisor and SACOG Board Chair. “I look forward to seeing how our Department of Regional Parks brings this project to life.”

With this funding, Regional Parks will construct a paved Class I multi-use trail – or trail that is completely separated from any street or highway that permits a variety of users, including bicyclists, walkers, joggers, and wheelchair users – in the Dry Creek area.

“This project is so important to us because it will provide a much-needed off-road facility that improves safety and comfort for all ages and abilities in a part of the County that has historically lacked such amenities,” said Liz Bellas, Director of Regional Parks. “By extending the Dry Creek Parkway Trail, we are also closing some key gaps in the regional active transportation network.”

One section of this trail project will begin where the existing Dry Creek Bikeway trail ends at the 24th and “U” street intersection in Rio Linda and follow along Dry Creek north to the Placer County Line. The other section will extend the Dry Creek Parkway trail southwest to connect with the Sacramento Northern Trail near Elkhorn Blvd. It is a critical connection to the American River Parkway and brings the County much closer to the completion of a 70-mile loop trail system for the region.

Construction on this project is expected to begin in 2025.