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DUI Driver Hits Pregnant Woman on M Street

Around 8:00 pm last night, April 8th 2019, a horrific accident occured in front of 5-Star Liquor at 428 M Street when a person driving a ramshackle propane powered Jeep truck collided with a pregnant woman.

Ciara Villegas via Facebook

According to witnesses, the woman, Ciara Villegas, was getting out of her car in front of a house on M Street. The Jeep truck driven by Ronny Haines Ward came westbound at a high rate of speed and struck Villegas.

The truck continued westbound crashing into the chain link fence behind the former Archway Auto Supply building. Witnesses also say Ward was then dragged out of his truck and pummeled on the street by a relative of the victim.

Villegas was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

The child was delivered early, and continues to fight for his life.

Villegas is in intensive care. She is also fighting for her life with severe facial injuries, internal bleeding, and her liver was described as “shredded”.

Ward was booked into Sacramento County Jail on Felony DUI charges involving injury or death, and driving with a suspended or revoked licence. His bail is set at $50,000 and will appear in Sacramento County Municipal Court on Wednesday April 10th at 1:30pm.

Requests for information from the California Highway Patrol were not immediately returned. More information could be forthcoming.

Many people have commented on social media that they are not unfamiliar with Ward’s irresponsible driving. One person posted a video of Ward attempting to park his truck in front of O’Rielly Auto Parts at around 3:45 the same day. He ran his front tires up onto the sidewalk. Video is on the RLO Facebook page here.

The family has not yet arranged fundraising.

Note: On May 1st, CHP will be joining the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department at the quarterly North Division Community Meeting at the American Legion hall, 6700 8th Street at 6pm.

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