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Gibson Ranch Volunteer Day 3/26

From Doug Ose:

When we gathered for the Rio Linda Chamber of Commerce meeting last week, Hal Morris raised the idea of a volunteer day at Gibson Ranch between March 22 and April 1.  Hal suggested Saturday March 26 or Sunday March 27.

Since Wednesday I have talked with my landscape contractor regarding how this will work.  He and I are meeting to plan to open the park on April 1.  Incorporating a Volunteer Day into that plan is a great idea.  We will develop a plan for what needs to be done, primarily cleanup, and an “order of battle” for getting it done.

We will start at 8 am on Saturday March 26. People are certainly welcome to come and go as their schedule requires.  Lunch for the volunteers will be provided.  I need a count on who’s coming so as to have enough food and beverages, so if they could email me at to let me know they are coming that would be GREAT!

The work will fall into three main categories: cleaning up the core areas, cleaning up the buildings, cleaning up the rest of the property.  I will be assisted by a supervisor from my landscape contractor’s crew to help keep things logical.

Cleaning up the core areas covers from the main gate to the country store parking lot along the roadway in between.  This is the first area everyone sees.  Making a big improvement in the core area will certainly catch people’s eye and let the casual visitor know that someone is paying attention.  Work in this area will involve weedeaters, lawnmowers, fixing fences, planting plants, disc-ing a pasture, taking down some existing signs, some painting, etc..  Anyone with a ride-along mower would be a star – we can use all the help we can get in that regard.

Cleaning up the buildings involves removing the heavy growth of weeds and shrubbery around the buildings, particularly the country store and the rental cabins.  We will need people who can use a weedeater, fix fences, plant plants, trim shrubs, do some painting, fix sprinkler irrigation, fix gutters that are barely hanging on, etc.

Cleaning up the rest of the property speaks for itself.  To the extent we can, I hope to fix as much of the post and cable system that we can: straightening posts, tightening wire, painting posts.  In addition, significant repairs to the picnic tables need to be accomplished.  These tasks will require weedeaters, paint brushes, battery powered power tools including wrenches and drills (no power saws), etc.

If I had to prioritize the “NEEDS” list, it would be as follows:

  • People who own and can operate a weedeater.
  • People who own and can operate a self propelled “walk behind” lawnmower.
  • People who own and can operate a paint sprayer.  Battery powered would be preferable but not required.
  • People who own and can operate a battery powered drill with all attachments.  Also, a tape measure and level.
  • Backhoe with front end loader.
  • Pickup trucks that can take a load to the dump.

Any and all hands are welcome

Hal Morris, President
RLE Chamber of Commerce

Doug Ose




(Via Doug Ose and Hal Morris)