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HazMat Response on Rio Linda Blvd. February 5th 2020

Around 7pm on February 5th, a call went out to Metro Fire for a HazMat situation at the corner of Rio Linda Blvd. and N Street. When a situation involves multiple agencies, such as CHP, Metro Fire and Sac County Sheriff, information can be very hard to come by, with each agency not wanting or unable to speak officially. However, after talking to neighbors, anonymous sources and involved parties, I now have an idea of what happened.

Sometime earlier in the day on February 5th, the CHP tracked a stolen Ryder box truck to the area near Brasher’s/ADESA on Blacktop Road. CHP contacted a business owner in the area to retrieve surveillance video to verify that the truck was seen in the area. That business owner was told that the truck was stolen with $100k worth of liquor and tobacco products.

Later that day, the truck was tracked to the house on Rio Linda Blvd.

According to my anonymous source, when the CHP and Sheriff arrived to serve a search warrant on the house, seize the truck and possibly arrest someone responsible, they discovered several chemicals, stored unsafely, that could be used to make homemade fireworks.

Metro Fire responded with 14 different units including HazMat, and the Battalion 5 commander to identify and secure the chemicals.

Rio Linda Blvd. was closed for over three hours.

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