Homemade Spike Strips Causing Tire Damage in Rio Linda

Homemade Spike Strips Causing Tire Damage in Rio Linda

The Rio Linda/Elverta Community should be aware that someone is tossing out homemade spike strips along U Street.

The dangerous and damaging devices have caused at least 6 flat tires since April of this year. Another was reported in June, and more in August. They present as pieces of rubber hose or garden hose with several rusty nails pushed through at different angles, as to make sure one or more are pointing upwards when laid out.

Another has been reported at 24th and I Street.

Speculation has been attributing these spikes to people disgruntled with the speeds people drive on U Street and the people who do donuts in the intersection, as well as malicious behavior by kids.

Darron Garcia commented “Kids that do this type of stuff Usually hide VERY CLOSE BY so that they can laugh it up with their friends when they flatten a tire. Should this unfortunate occurrence happen to you I would scan the surrounding area for PUNKS!!!”

Sami Nelson commented “Sad part is Adults do this type of stuff (also). Kids are too busy playing on their phones.”