Konnected Backpack Giveaway Draws Thousands

Kennedy Webber

By Kennedy Webber, 8 years old, Barrett Ranch Elementary

(Plenty has been written and said about the good work that Konnected Clothing Co. and its founder, Tommy Hall, do throughout the year, including their charitable and generous annual back-to-school backpack giveaway. I wasn’t able to attend this time around, so this year, I thought I’d let our granddaughter, Kennedy Webber, report from a child’s perspective and get her first by-line. – John and ViAnn )

This was very cool!

There were a lot of backpacks, like a thousand, and there were a lot of helpers.

There were a lot of kids getting backpacks, fishing poles, haircuts, sno-cones, and donuts… Yummy looking donuts!

There was a DJ with a lot of loud music.

It was cool that some people brought their dogs. I wanted to hug them all.

I was really impressed with all the people working. Tommy does a really good job at helping people create a better life for themselves.

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