Ravi Mehta

LAFCo Spanks Water Board

Sacramento County's Local Agency Formation Commission held a meeting on Wednesday night and invited RLECWD general council and interim GM Ravi Mehtadown for a trip to the woodshed.
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Ravi Mehta
GC/GM Ravi Mehta speaks in front of the LAFCo commission Wednesday night.

Sacramento County’s Local Agency Formation Commission held a meeting on Wednesday night and invited RLECWD general council and interim GM Ravi Mehta down for a trip to the woodshed.

The meeting will be rebroadcast on Saturday on Comcast channel 14. The time given was 2:00pm, but it’s always a good idea to double check. It’s worth watching. Everything that’s been said and questioned and doubted and wondered and examined over the past few years was validated.

Click here to watch online. Click here for the Sac Metro Cable website.

Of course, LAFCo and the CDPH aren’t without culpability in his matter. They’ve waited so long to act that the district is now on the brink of failure and consolidation.

Some of the highlights from the meeting:

“How do we just put the management and governance into receivership?,” Commissioner Linda Budge.
“We are appalled at the level this has gone to,” Commissioner Steve Cohn.
“Some of actions the board is taking right now is sabotage,” Commissioner Chuck Rose.
“Better not be any Bell type incidents,” Commissioner Steve Cohn.
“No hope for this district unless you start doing the right things NOW,” Commissioner Chuck Rose.
When talking about compliance and the veracity of information provided to LAFCo by the District, Chuck Rose comments that the current board has already shown they are not complying, and adds that the General Manager is not capable of doing that. While they are taking the issues seriously, I did get the feeling they will help the new board as much as they possibly can.

I caught the high points of the commission’s motion:
  • The commission requests that the district fills GM position ASAP. (They made the STRONG reccomendation that Mychael be rehired immediately).
  • The current board should not enter into ANY NEW contracts or modify current contracts until after seating the new board.
  • Initiate the 218 process, AND an additional rate increase for needed operation and maintenance revenue.
  • Initiate a reorganization study involving CDPH, Sac City, Cal-Am and SSWD.
Special thanks to Erwin, Karla, Mel, and Frank for attending tonight’s LAFCO meeting. You all did a wonderful job!
Frank, Courtney, Martin — you have your work cut out for you. Good luck!


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  • Well this Board as usual does not respect authority or specialist, recommendations or advise. Because if you missed tonighta Special and Emergency meeting this Board proceeded to do as it damn well pleased and ignored the advise of LAFCo. The only right thing they did was to start the 218 process for a rate increase. The rate payers pleaded with the Board to follow the recommendations of LAFCo, in my opinion they spit in LAFCo’s face. These women need to tard, feathered and driven out of town. They are a total embarresment to the community of Rio Linda and Elverta.

  • I am once again disappointed with the proud and willful display by the current board of their lack of wisdom, intelligence, business sense or professionalism. Although, there is going to be a new sheriff in town and the remaining two board member’s destructive idiocy will now come to an end. Help is on the way. Help that has the wisdom, education, business experience and emotional maturity that has been absent and desperately needed.

  • Thank goodness Martin that you three will be taking the reigns. I am in disbelief that a new unknown GM was hired for a 3 year term against the recommendation of LAFCo, they are right in saying this is sabotage.

    When will this end?

  • The new guy (GM) owns a car business!!! Well, i guess having our district vehicles running in tip top shape is more important than our water running clean and with lots of pressure!!! They have proven to be the WORST leaders our community has ever had…EVER!!!! I am soooo sick of them and their followers trying to tell us what they are doing is to help the district! SHUT UP – YOU’RE ALL EVIL!!! and if i had a daughter like Cathy Nelson-Hood…i would have washed her mouth out with soap for lying to me the way she has lied to Mary Nelson, her mother!!!! SHUT UP!!! YOU’RE WRONG! and i dont know if you’re just that STUPID or if you have just a pea brain, you can’t understand!!!! As you all know, i’m fed up!!! i’m fed up with CRAW and those “so called” women! i’m ashamed to be a woman if that’s how we are teaching our girls how to act??? like ignorant assholes!!! BRING IT!!!! and come on NEW BOARD!!! CARON~SMITH~CARON to the RESCUEEEEEE!!!! (Up, Up, and away)

    • Shelley and you know that neiher Cathy or Vivien will resign from the Board. Vivien needs that seat to be able to gain any information that is not pulic knowledge for publicaion in her NCN (Negitave Communication Network). And Ms . Hood is just too stupid to realize that she just needs to go away. I have nothing else to say until after December 3, 2010. That is when the 3 newly elected Board members will take seat.

      And John, the job will fast and furious but backed by the community, the employees and others in the industry. Stay tuned.

  • Martin, I hope you and the others really can turn it around, but you’re going to have an uphill battle all the way with the remaining board members. Not to mention the time constraints. Even if the wells were in the ground, lined and screened and lovely right now, the pumps, controls and electrical will take at least that long to get through production, not to mention installation, startup and integration.

    I wish you the best… I wish us ALL the best, but I’m afraid I still feel that these women have micromanaged the district out of business.

  • The “two clowns” have given ordes to the “court gesture” to instruct the “keeper of knowledge” to change to keys to the library.

    Shhhhhh, it’s a secret and we are not suppost to know.

    Thank you little fly on the wall.

  • Just know that the District employees have never stopped doing their jobs and never will, which is something this community can count on! Keep in mind …. all the decisions and money being spent in this District starts from the TOP, the employees are just following the instructions they are given. The display of gross reaction by this Board of Directors is a slap in the community members face that elected them to protect the service this District provides (Water). The recent events that took place at the BoD’s special and emergency meeting was a total slap in the face to me, you, my 80year old grandma, this commuinty, LAFCO, CDPH….it is really sad to see such poor sport behavior.

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