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Large Marijuana Grow Near RLHS – CBS 13

Nearly 100 plants were discovered in a bust by Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies blocks away from Rio Linda High School.

With harvest season about to start, marijuana plants are giving off a much stronger odor than usual, leading people who live near the grows to call the sheriff’s department to complain.

“You could smell it coming through. It was really strong coming through the door,” said a neighbor nearby.

“We can see these things from the road. We can smell them. I get tons of contacts by phone and email that it’s making people sick.”

Deputies raided several elaborate grows in Rio Linda, including one just blocks from the high school.

“In fact, I think you may be able to see one grow from the bleachers at Rio Linda High School.”

There are almost 50 marijuana plants in this particular grow. This plant almost twice the size of a person.

Deputies say California only allows six plants per person.