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Locust Road Closure

I would love to give you additional information on the closure. There are many in the community like myself that went to the meetings to close the road.

No it’s not just because of speeding. It has to do with traffic studies that will have thousands of cars a day going down Locust/Elwyn as the surrounding communities build and for all of us living on or near Elwyn/Locust it would have to be widened in order to allow for that kind of traffic  and all the speed calming projects .Thus that would increase the road size and reduce our current property lines to accommodate, what we want is our rural area and our farming businesses to not be impacted and keep our current rural feeling.

As other roads will be widened in the future Placer county agreed that with this closure not any one area surrounding the closure was impacted significantly. The Rio Linda Community I’m part of fought for and wants the road closed, not to mention we all put in years fighting this. We also have the support of MAC, I’m working with some of the residents now to start a petition to Keep the road closed and look for support from the community leaders.

I would love to explain more if you have the time.

Ed Smith

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