Metro Fire Arrests Suspect On Felony Charges For Selling Illegal Fireworks

Angel Gonzalez via Metro Fire

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District (Metro Fire) Fire Investigations Unit arrested Angel Gonzalez on Friday, May 7, 2021 on two felony counts and one misdemeanor for selling illegal fireworks.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office assisted in this operation. Over 100 pounds of illegal fireworks were removed from the streets as a result, making a safer Sacramento Region.

Only “safe and sane” fireworks with the California State Fire Marshal’s seal are allowed to be used in Sacramento county and only those sold at fireworks booths (beginning June 27, 2021) can be verified as such.

Those who buy fireworks online or in-person before June 27th may be purchasing counterfeit and/or unsafe fireworks which can lead to death, injury, or fires.

It is Metro Fire’s goal to prevent as many hazardous fireworks from reaching our community as possible before they can be used; once they are in the hands of the public they will likely be used and create a hazard.

For more information, visit the Metro Fire website at https://metrofire.ca.gov/

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