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More Lies from Vivien Johnson

By Kathy Santos-Reed, Special to

By Kathy Santos-Reed, Special to

ERWIN HAYER BRAGGED…. “I got the Well #15 Ground Breaking Stopped!!! March 2011 NCN Page 3

This statement is 100% false.

No one stopped Well 15 because of Erwin; and, Erwin never made the comment Vivien has attributed to him!

Traditionally, Well 15 has been used for previous photo ops.  Every time there is a need to impress someone – hard hats are donned, reflective vests are worn and a drilling rig is backed into position.  With auger running, photos are taken and wing tipped shoes are dusted off.  Then everyone leaves the job site.

Vivien mentions September 22, 2010 was scheduled for the ceremony, a committee was formed, invitations designed and local organizations were contacted.  I spend my days at the Chamber of Commerce and we weren’t contacted, RLE Recreation and Park District was not contacted, I don’t think the Moose Lodge was contacted!  What organizations DID they contact?  Maybe the Sac Bee was contacted to give some credibility to their performance.  Where YOU contacted?

Directors even had gold painted shovels they planned to hold as they posed for cameras in their bright reflective vests and hard hats.  After the pictures had been taken for this solemn ceremonial occasion, everyone would have gone home – including the drilling rig – which was only there as a prop.

It would never have gone beyond that point, because the RLECWD did not receive the NOAA letter until after October 1, 2010.  The NOAA letter, dated October 5, 2010, states it is merely  “Notice of Application Acceptance” of the SRF application for a loan.  It does not authorize the district to commence construction of anything; and if the district did, the amount commenced before they received approval would not be covered under the SRF loans

Vivien was well aware the photo op/pseudo-ground breaking ceremony was not going to happen.  The entire ceremony was merely to use in the upcoming election November 2010 to convince the community the 2008-2010 board was actually accomplishing something related to the compliance orders!  It is now March 2011 and the approval of the SRF loans will hinge almost entirely on the Rate Increase Hearing scheduled for March 7, 2011.


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  • ….which means we need to allow the rate increase and be thankful we still pay less than other districts AND we need to support the Board of Directors instead of always trying to find fault and tear people down.

    It is sad that our community is being misled by the people going door to door…they MUST know my address because not one person has shown up and asked me to sign. Egos need to be rested…it is due time to fix our water system so our grandkids and their kids and their kids will have safe water in the future. Come on people….get your heads out of the sand.

  • I wonder who voted on the photo opp? Who paid for the time the drilling rig was here and set up? I think this should be looked into. I smell fraud involving public funds!!

  • Reading in the NCNews about all of the name calling from these so called adults, pillars of the community they are not. They are acting too childish to be adults. Shame on them.

  • Excause me but has any of the tems in the NCNews been verified? This women makes statements that over loads her mouth. I have talked to the employees in the front office and they have confirmed that her (Vivien) statements are false. She only prints “HER” opinion. She is a Board member and should support her Distrist and Board.

  • I am sorry, I forgot to tell you thank you for allowing me to voice my “freedom of speach” opinion.

  • Ok, has anyone asked Director Spicer-Johnson if she has verified any of her statement/information/opionion/or otherise with any of the staff who actually preforms the functions/job descriptions/or otherwice of the true facts of how the job is done?

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