More than 1,400 homes approved in Elverta Specific Plan

At the Board of Supervisors meeting on January 23rd, Sacramento County supervisors approved two projects of over 1,400 homes in the Elverta area. Northborough I and II also include sites for parks, a private community center and an elementary school.

The larger Northborough I is being developed by Sacramento’s River View Investments. The project will sit on 298 acres east of 16th Street, west and north of Gibson Ranch and about a mile north of Elverta Road and 16th Street. That project includes 1,127 single-family residential properties as well as the school and community center.

Winn Communities is developing Northborough II, which is 364 residential lots on 78.6 acres. This includes a 5-acre park. Northborough II will sit  east of 16th Street and about 2,700 feet north of Elverta Road, next to Northborough I. The western half of the project would have alley-loaded homes, according to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors’ agenda.

Combined, the two projects would make up about a fifth of the 5,627 homes planned in the county’s Elverta Specific Plan, which supervisors adopted in 2007. The approvals this week for Northborough I also increased the number of homes in the original Elverta Specific Plan approval from 4,500.

The plans were approved (Northborough II 5-0, and Northborough I 4-1), with supervisor Don Nottoli voting no. His stated concern is with development erasing the county’s rural agricultural areas.

Meeting summary can be found at the Sacramento County web site here, and relevant documents can be found here.

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