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New Bridge Opens Traffic Between Dry Creek And Raley Blvd.

The opening of a new bridge on Vinci Avenue now connects Dry Creek Road with Raley Boulevard.

Phillip Vulliet is the project manager for the City of Sacramento. He says there used to be a small bridge over the channel, but only government agencies had access to it.

“The problem was we had a number of businesses on the west side of the diversion channel that use large vehicles. A lot of trucks come in and out of those businesses. Before this project they had to go out to Dry Creek Road, through some residential neighborhoods to get down to ultimately Raley Boulevard and get on the freeway,” explained Vulliet.

Trucks delivering on the east side could only turn around in a small space before the bridge.

City Councilman Allen Warren says the project was originally proposed 25 years ago. He hopes the increased traffic will also increase development in the area.

“Hopefully, this will promote additional investment in this part of the city and we believe that will create jobs as well and help to strengthen the city’s general fund.”

This is a public private partnership, so some of these business owners actually put money into the completion of this bridge along with city resources.

The bridge cost $550,000. Six businesses (Truck Site, Parc Specialty, ROI Group LLC, Karl’s Wholesale Trailer Supply, Vinci BSW LLC, and Baze Transportation ) combined to contribute $50,000 to the project.


This article was first seen at Capradio.org

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