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Pedestrian Injured in Assault at Dry Creek and O Streets

A Rio Linda pedestrian accident happened Thursday afternoon at Dry Creek Road and O Street.

The incident occurred around 12:37 p.m. on August 24th, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Initially, Sacramento County Sheriff Deputies reported that the incident was a case of assault with a deadly weapon- first with a length of rebar, and then with the orange truck.

The person went down in the roadway, but was conscious and breathing, the report said.

Paramedics responded but there are no further details at this time.

Witnesses say the orange truck driver was originally attacked by a man in a car, not a pedestrian as initially reported.

They also allege that the person in the car had the length of rebar, not the person in the orange truck. They also had a fire extinguisher that he used to attack the truck driver, spraying it in his eyes. The driver of the orange truck then impacted the other man with his truck, because he was blinded.

Finally, allegedly, Sheriff Deputies didn’t arrest anyone – they deemed it self-defense and mutual combat.

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