REACH to host community worship service October 7th 2018 at Depot Park

• Non-Denominational worship service
• Hosted by a diverse coalition of community churches
• Everyone is welcome!

Rio Linda, CA. –
REACH (Rio Linda Elverta Area Churches) is hosting a community worship service on 10/7/2018. The service will take place at 10 AM in Depot Park. Depot Park is located at the center of downtown Rio Linda. The address is 6730 Front St, Rio Linda, CA.

“We believe that it is essential for the people of God to come together in worship and reach out into the community with the Gospel message of hope through Jesus Christ.”

-Peter Ceccardi, First Baptist Church of Elverta

Formed in 2013 REACH is an association of local Rio Linda/Elverta churches. It is our mission to spread the Good News of our faith to the whole community where we serve. Our association includes Baptists, United Methodists, Nazarenes, and Lutherans. It is our hope that we can be a beacon of love, unity, purpose and hope to the people of the communities that we serve.

The churches that compose REACH serve the community in several ways. We provide worship services at various times and in a variety of languages. We provide meals during the week at differing locations. We provide addiction recovery services as well. We maintain the Dennis Druckhammer Scholarship Fund to provide students with financial help upon graduation from Rio Linda High School.

“I get excited each year that we step outside the confines of our church buildings and into the community to worship as one Church, visible to all living in Rio Linda and Elverta.”

-Charlie Northrop, New Beginnings Baptist Church

If you would like to learn more about REACH we encourage you to come visit us at our booth during the Rio Linda/Elverta Country Fair 6/10/2018 also at Depot Park. If you are a church in the Rio Linda/Elverta area we invite you to join with us in serving together.

You can write to us at:
C/O Peter Ceccardi
112 W Delano St
Elverta CA 95626
Or call Peter at 916-337-2977

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