Vivien and Cathy Babies
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Vivien and Cathy Babies

Things were going so well, and now… kabloowey.

At Monday’s regular meeting of the Rio Linda – Elverta Community Water District’s Board of Dysfunction, there was discussion of some very personal, physical threats made against Director Martin Smith.

The meeting started at 6:30. It was over by 7:50, after President Courtney Caron, Frank Caron and Martin Smith walked out.

One interesting note… Peter Brundage of LAFCO was in attendance. Why? Who asked him to be present at that meeting?

Now, a special meeting has been scheduled tonight to determine the district’s future, including reorganization or receivership. Tonight’s agenda item is actionable. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Depot Center.

If the board opts for voluntary receivership, a private investor like Cal Am or Golden State could take over. Then the ratepayers will definitely loose control over facilities and rates. Friends, that is a scary thought.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Courtney said “that she was concerned about threats that have been made against some board members in recent weeks and didn’t want to proceed with the meeting until she consulted an attorney.”

The Bee also says that Cathy Nelson-Hood “called the departure of the board majority “shocking.”

Really Cathy? More shocking than You and Vivien and GM Joe Sherrill shirking your responsibilities and deciding to sit in the audience earlier this year? Even after the general counsel told you the meeting was legal? More shocking than the many times you and Vivien have walked out of meetings? By the way, for all the amateur attorneys in the audience asking “Will they get paid? Will they get paid their stipend after they walked out like that?” The answer is yes, and absolutely. Not because I think it’s right, but because Vivien has walked out on 2 meetings that I know of, and sat in the audience for a third, and has been paid for all three.

I find it shocking that Nelson-Hood finds it shocking.

The Bee reports that Courtney said “…the dysfunction (of the board) is never going to allow this district to get where it needs to go,”

The Bee also reports that Cathy Nelson-Hood said she was surprised to receive a notice late Tuesday of tonight’s special meeting and declined to predict the outcome. I can only imagine that she declined to comment because Vivien Johnson had not yet told her what to say.


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  • Thank you for answering the question I had about whether or not Vivien and Cathy were paid for meetings when they walked out! I’d been curious about this, but didn’t follow-up. Did you know that the threats delivered to Martin were put n writing? That surprised me, because threatening an elected official is against the law and include jail time and fines! I really, really hope the people involved are prosecuted!

  • You don’t want a company such as Cal-Am to take over. I recently moved here from that section of Citrus Heights that they “serve”.
    The rates there more than quadrupled, and the water quality is so bad that I had to wash my cars at my parents’ home in O’vale.

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