Report: Rio Linda Student Attacks Food Cart Operator

Univision 19 is reporting that on December 1st, a Rio Linda High School student attacked a Hispanic food cart operator at the corner of Elkhorn and Rio Linda after leaving school.

(See the original story with video here: https://www.univision.com/local/sacramento-kuvs/le-roban-y-luego-lo-golpean-vendedor-ambulante-es-atacado-por-estudiantes-en-sacramento-video)

According to a translation from the Univision story, Seconds before the attack, the operator, Mauricio, accused the young woman of stealing from his cart.

After the attack, authorities arrived, but he had no witnesses or evidence of what happened and was told that it was not worth filing a report. Days later, an acquaintance saw the video online and encouraged the victim to go to the Sheriff’s Department, where he encountered even more obstacles. He was then told to file the report online.

The student has not been identified.

(Cover photo via Univision19 website)

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