Restaurant review: Fatso’s BBQ and Burritos

IMG_20160217_142219Fatso’s Barbecue and Burritos opened up about 5 months ago in the building that previously housed the widely beloved and greatly missed BG’s Restaurant at Rio Linda Blvd. and M Street. Thankfully they filled a storefront in Rio Linda that had sat empty for far too long.

There were early growing pains. I visited in the second week they were open and wasn’t impressed with my burrito. I was pleased that they were giving it a go in Rio Linda, and willing to wait for them to get up to speed before I published a review.

I visited on a Wednesday afternoon, and I was greeted quickly and cheerfully. There was the distinct aroma of a wood fired smoker lacing the room. There were a couple of other diners sitting at tables. I mentioned that I had been there last Monday and they were closed. The young lady taking my order said that they are closed on Sundays and Mondays, so… good to know for future visits.

Today’s meal was a tri-tip sandwich, and a cheeseburger and fries for my son, to go. I have a hard time doing a review on barbecue, especially tri-tip. I mean, I make the best smoked tri-tip roast in Northern California so I’m a little critical.

This sandwich was PACKED with meat. I was pleasantly suprised. Sliced about an 8th of an inch thick, it was tender with just a bit of smoke. The sauce tasted homemade, and had big pieces of soft, sweet, caramelized onion and other bits in it. It was served on a crusty french roll with plenty of sauce. It was not bad at all!

IMG_20160217_142203However, my personal tastes are big and bold. While the tri-tip was good, it didn’t have a lot of smokey flavor which disappointed me. While the sauce was tasty and I appreciate a good scratch sauce, I like my sauce with more bite. There was no heat at all. Then again, I’m the guy that spreads wasabi on my California Roll with a knife. Take that as you will. Once I hit the sandwich with some Tabasco, all was forgiven. My side was potato salad, which again, was good, but not as moist as I like and with no pickle or mustard tang.

My son’s cheeseburger was prepared the way he likes it; ketchup only. I tried to raise him right but he’s steadfast in his opinions on food. No salad on the burgers for him. It was generously covered in melted Colby Jack, a surprise because I detest American Cheese. To me, American is to cheese as Trump is to president. It ain’t right. The burger was medium to medium well, with a good char on the outside. The fries may have been the best fries I’ve had in a while, crispy, salty and fluffy.

All in all, it’s not my style of barbecue but I’m not going to hold that against them. It’s a filling and tasty meal. I will return for a taste of the cole slaw and another shot at the burritos. Most of all, I’m happy to see another new food option and another new business take root in our community.

Three stars out of five. 3 1/2 if you add Tabasco.

Fatso’s BBQ & Burritos

6730 Rio Linda Blvd
Rio Linda, CA 95673
(916) 914-3920

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