Riego Market Thief Captured

ELVERTA – At 12:30 am on June 14, Placer County Sheriff Officers responded to the Riego Market at 8000 Pleasant Grove Road when the store’s alarm sounded. A witness had seen a man climbing through the store window.

The suspect had thrown a brick through a window to gain access to the building. Responding deputies did not come upon anyone once they arrived. They did find candy bars and ice cream on the floor. Also, “the owner’s red Foodmaxx bag was missing.”

Later, deputies saw a man walking on Baseline Road… carrying a red Foodmaxx bag.

They identified 37-year-old Sacramento resident Stephen Thomas as their suspect. In the bag Thomas had candy, ice dream and sodas.  In addition, he had a new pack of smokes in his pocket.

Thomas’ story was that he was walking from the airport. The ice cream in his bag, however, was still frozen.  His leg was bleeding from a fresh cut.

Thomas was charged with burglary and his bail is $35,000.


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