Rio Linda Visions recap for October 12 2015

The Rio Linda / Elverta Visions Committee held their monthly meeting on Monday October 12 at Sacramento Metro Fire Station 111. Here’s the important information that was discussed.


  • 12003348_1163040393711677_8881372550239114733_nThe Haunted House and Halloween Party to support the Rio Linda / Elverta Country Faire will have a kid-friendly night on October 29th from 6pm to 9pm, and a Scary Night Out for older kids on October 30th from 6pm to Midnight.
  • The Rio Linda Food Closet will be holding a Blues Fest at the American Legion hall, November 21st from Noon to 4pm. The event is to support the organizations canned food drive and Christmas toy drive.
  • Lifepoint Church will be having a Harvest Festival on October 31st at 6:30pm, featuring Trick or Trunk for the kiddos.

RL/E Food Closet

  • Sacramento County recently hired four new Park Rangers. Two of them cleaned up the area known as “Ground Zero” (along the west fork of Dry Creek east of Elkhorn Manor near the old sewage treatment plant). Apparently, they collected up the homeless belongings and destroyed them, and left a 48-hour notice afterwards. The notice should be given before the collection takes place.
  • There is another reason not to swim in the creeks now… the homeless are putting human waste in plastic bags and throwing it in the creeks.

Rio Linda Downtown Special Planning Area

  • The SPA has advanced through the planning department’s vetting. It now goes in front of the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, November 17th at 9am. This will take place at the County Administration Center, 700 H Street, Room 1450 in Sacramento. Roberta MacGlashan has asked that all the supporters show up to shepherd this thing across the line and demonstrate support with the board. This is a big deal, folks… It paves the way for grant money, whatever redevelopment funds might be available, and creates a plan for a more attractive, more business-friendly Rio Linda.


Business Mixer

  • The next business mixer was scheduled for the following night, 10/13 at Gregory Realty Group. The community was walked with invitation to the mixer on Saturday afternoon with many businesses showing great interest. The following mixer will be scheduled for December.
  • The Visions Committee has distributed over 100 SPA information packets to the businesses up and down M Street.

MarVal Plaza

  • MarVal Plaza is getting a lot of unwanted attention from the County right now. The owner is denying the County access to the site. He will not let code enforcement or building inspectors investigate the buildings. County prosecutors are preparing a case against him.

Archway Hardware

  • A member of the group spoke to Carl Brothers, the owner of the Archway Hardware site. He claims to have all the permits from the County to make renovations to the site.
  • A Uhaul storage yard will be going in on the east side of the property. This may not be a permitted use under the SPA.
  • It is unknown who will be moving into the Archway Hardware building, but rumor has it that the Elverta lawnmower shop will be filling that space.
  • It’s also notable that Lyon Realty has put new effort into renting the Archway Pizza building (behind Archway Hardware).

Farmers Market

  • Due to the difficulty the Farmers Market has had working with the Rio Linda Elverta Recreation and Parks District this past season, Charlea Moore is investigating a move to a location other than Depot Park. She would like to keep it in Downtown Rio Linda to draw some life into the area. Returning to the library parking lot was discussed, as was closing down West Front Street in front of the Firehouse Museum.

Arch Renovation

  • The lighting of the Rio Linda Arch is proceeding on course, and will be completed in the next 15 days, before November 1st. The arch will be lit with LED lights, which can be programmed to change colors for holidays and special events. Big thanks go to SMUD and Aerial Lift Company for supporting the project. Another successful project from the Visions Committee that will benefit our community for years to come.

The next Visions Committee meeting will be held Monday November 9th 7pm in the meeting room at Sac Metro Fire station #111 on Rio Linda Blvd. Everyone is welcome.

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