RLHS FFA Barn Burglarized Again

RLHS FFA Barn Burglarized Again

The Rio Linda Senior High School Future Farmers of America barn was burglarized again over the weekend. Someone jumped the fence into the animal barn area. A fence that housed chickens was cut and access was made into the chicken coop. Five chickens, a feeder and food was stolen. There is evidence that the feeder was tossed over the fence as were the chickens.

The chickens had been purchased by the Twin Rivers School Police Association and the School Ag Department for FFA students who could not afford a project animal.

The stolen chickens were two Rhode Island Reds, one Buff Orpington, one Plymouth Rock, and one Golden Sexlink. All laying hens.

Last year the High School farm was vandalized and set on fire on 3-4 different occasions all while student animals were housed there.

Twin Rivers Police Department is investigating this incident.