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Sacramento County Searching for Shelter Operator

The County of Sacramento Office of Homeless Initiatives (OHI) is seeking interest from qualified organizations interested in operating a low-barrier, scattered-site interim 24/7 shelter program for persons experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

The program will be inclusive of both operations and re-housing services. The shelter re-housing services provider may be the same as the shelter operations provider or will work closely with the provider if a separate entity.

Sacramento County funds and supports operations of sheltering programs throughout the County, using a variety of approaches and physical buildings to address the unique needs of people living unsheltered. These shelters are low-barrier and come with access to services that help people stabilize their lives, including case management and rehousing support.

One of the core sheltering programs is the Re-Housing Shelter Network (RSN), also known as “scattered site shelter.” The County typically shelters up to 155 clients in these shelters at any given time across the County. This model utilizes existing residential homes within neighborhoods to support small (typically less than 5) sheltering programs.

The RSN allows sheltering for people who cannot be supported in traditional, congregate settings, and can accommodate varying household configurations and serve people with their pets. Each location has a 24/7 live-in site monitor that helps provide for clients’ basic needs. With recent expansion in the RSN program, and the changing needs in the Sacramento shelter system, the County is seeking interest from community partners with expertise in shelter operations and/or re-housing services.

The County has been running this scattered site shelter model since 2018. Clients appreciate a smaller environment that allows them to truly experience the transition off the streets and into a house setting while having their basic needs cared for and an on-site house monitor. Clients can bring their partners, pets and possessions to the house with them.  This low-barrier model helps increase the chances that potential guests will say “yes” to the opportunity.

Once in the scattered site shelter, clients have access to supportive services such as case management, rehousing services and resources to provide for one’s basic needs.  These supports are an important step on a client’s pathway toward housing.

For more information about this particular partnership opportunity with the County of Sacramento, read the full Letter of Interest, including deadlines and pre-submission meetings that allow potential respondents to ask questions of County staff.

For more information about what the County is doing to address homelessness, visit the Homelessness Website.  ​

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