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Sacramento County Sheriff Department Crime Reports for November 2019

These are the crimes reported to the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department in Rio Linda and Elverta for November of 2019.

Per the Sheriffs Department, this data is produced via a set of processes involving many different systems. No representation is made or implied regarding the accuracy of the data made available here.

Activity NumberNeighborhoodOccurence Start DateOccurence LocationPrimary Violation
2019-8010462Rio Linda10/11/2019 12:00100 Block of Elkhorn BlvdPC 484G Thft:Use Access Card Data
2019-8010842Rio Linda10/22/2019 22:246200 Block of W 6th StPC 530.5(B) Using Another Person's Identifying Info
2019-0397284Rio Linda10/25/2019 17:30500 Block of K StPC 243.4(A) Sexual Battery
2019-0383958Rio Linda10/27/2019 0:396400 Block of Dry Creek RdPC 245 Assault W/Deadly Weapon On Offr, Firearm/Other
2019-0387539Rio Linda10/29/2019 21:13900 Block of G StSCO 9.36.060 COUNTY CODE-Possession Of A Weapon In A Park
2019-0398305Elverta11/1/2015 0:01800 Block of Straugh RdPC 261(A)(2) Rape By Force/Fear/Etc
2019-8010952Rio Linda11/1/2019 0:112500 Block of Elkhorn BlvdPC 530.5(B) Using Another Person's Identifying Info
2019-0391921Rio Linda11/2/2019 1:171700 Block of E StPC 664/187(A) Attempted Murder
2019-0391983Rio Linda11/2/2019 1:206700 Block of Rio Linda BlvdPC 245(A)(1) Force/Assault With A Deadly Weapon-Not Firearm:Gbi Likely
2019-0392680Rio Linda11/2/2019 20:53G St & 10th StVC 10851(A) Take Vehicle Without Owner`S Consent
2019-0394351Rio Linda11/3/2019 8:007200 Block of 7th StPC 273A(B) Child Endangerment/Willful Cruelty to Child
2019-0393221Rio Linda11/3/2019 13:346600 Block of W 2nd StPC 243(E)(1) Battery:Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date/Etc
2019-0393472Rio Linda11/3/2019 18:50400 Block of Elkhorn BlvdPC 647(F) Disorderly Conduct:Public Intoxication
2019-0394701Rio Linda11/4/2019 15:19800 Block of Oak LnPC 594(A) Vandalism
2019-0398286Rio Linda11/6/2019 0:40600 Block of W Elkhorn BlvdPC 459 Burglary
2019-8010627Rio Linda11/6/2019 7:30Rio Linda Blvd & Q StPC 594(A) Vandalism
2019-0399307Rio Linda11/8/2019 3:50400 Block of Elkhorn BlvdPC 459 Burglary
2019-0400470Rio Linda11/8/2019 21:37Front St & Q StHS 11377 Unlawful Poss Of Dangerous Drug
2019-0403054Rio Linda11/9/2019 12:001200 Block of Q StPC 459 Burglary
2019-8010830Rio Linda11/10/2019 2:15300 Block of Montague WayPC 594(B)(1) Vandalism ($400 Or More)
2019-8010881Rio Linda11/11/2019 4:05300 Block of Elkhorn BlvdPC 459 Theft from motor vehicle
2019-0405786Rio Linda11/13/2019 13:38Elkhorn Blvd & Cherry LnPC 242 Battery
2019-0407235Rio Linda11/14/2019 13:427200 Block of 10th StPC 647(F) Disorderly Conduct:Public Intoxication
2019-0407707Rio Linda11/14/2019 19:436700 Block of Front StPC 529 False Personation:Spec Circ
2019-8010927Rio Linda11/18/2019 3:55300 Block of Collin LnPC 487 All Other Thefts > $950
2019-8010941Rio Linda11/18/2019 20:30100 Block of Evcar WayPC 594(B)(1) Vandalism ($400 Or More)
2019-8010932Rio Linda11/21/2019 4:15100 Block of Ascot AvePC 594(B)(1) Vandalism ($400 Or More)
2019-8010946Rio Linda11/21/2019 14:24100 Block of Cherri Lynn AvePC 484G Thft:Use Access Card Data
2019-0417758Rio Linda11/22/2019 14:007100 Block of Shingle Wood WayPC 245(A)(1) Force/Assault With A Deadly Weapon-Not Firearm:Gbi Likely
2019-8011208Elverta11/25/2019 0:008100 Block of Schoonover StPC 487 Theft from vehicle > $950
2019-0420395Elverta11/25/2019 8:322400 Block of Rhine WayPC 459 Burglary
2019-0422542Rio Linda11/26/2019 13:001000 Block of E StPC 417(A)(2) Exhibit Firearm
2019-0423529Rio Linda11/27/2019 12:386900 Block of 26th StPC 29800(A)(1) Felon/Etc Poss/Etc Firearm
2019-0424155Rio Linda11/28/2019 2:306100 Block of 16th StPC 243(E)(1) Battery:Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date/Etc
2019-0424430Rio Linda11/28/2019 12:36Elkhorn Blvd & Cherry LnSCO 9.36.058(C) COUNTY CODE: No Charcoal fire except in picnic area
2019-0424451Rio Linda11/28/2019 12:52800 Block of Elkhorn BlvdHS 11350(A) Possess Narcotic Controlled Substance
2019-8010979Elverta11/30/2019 0:008000 Block of Rivergreen DrPC 459 Theft from motor vehicle
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