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It’s been a mighty slow holiday season around town. The wind and rain has come and gone, the fog stopped by for a while, and everything has slowed to a crawl so I have had a little time to surf and bring you tidbits from around the cyberworld relating to our north 40 in the north valley.

As we look forward towards 2011, I thought it would be nice to take a look back!

RLHS charmThis is interesting… A shawl pin with vintage charms from a place called Transient Treasures. It’s a nifty item all by it’s lonesome, but for us it’s particularly interesting. There’s a vintage Rio Linda high school charm on it! I have no idea what type of charm it is, or what it’s origination is, but it’s definitely from the Home of the Knights. Take a look… maybe you’ll buy it, maybe someone can tell us what it is? You’ll find it at Transient Treasures.

RLLL Belt BuckleMy next find is from Ebay… An old school Rio Linda Little League belt buckle. I remember seeing some of these growing up. Lord knows I played (poorly) on my share of little league teams. I’m unsure of where it came from, however. Was this a part of an old uniform? Was this a gift to the organizers? Was this something someone could purchase? I don’t know, but I haven’t seen one for years, and now it’s on Ebay.

Find number three… A Cradle Roll card from 1929, addressed to Hugh Darrell Brocklehurst, Rio Linda.

What the heck is a “Cradle Roll” you might ask? I did too. I found the answer here:

It was an outreach program to make contact with families of young children under 5 years within the local community to arouse the parent’s interest in the local church and its Christian Education possibilities and eventual membership.  The Cradle Roll Superintendent and helpers maintained contact with the children by occasional visits, praying for a child and its family when there was a crisis or illness and most importantly sending a birthday card on each child’s birthday.  It was generally run under the auspices of the Sunday School but in some cases the responsibility lay with Women’s organizations or a Session member.

The card is for sale on Ebay, here.

1965 Rio Linda Excalibur1966 Rio Linda ExcaliburFind number four: 1965 and 1966 Rio Linda High School yearbooks. It’s always a little sad to see yearbooks that have been separated from it’s original owner. From time to time I’ll see yearbooks for sale that were overstock, but these two have been signed. It’s unknown who’s they were originally. See them here at Ebay.

ciftourney1979Find number five: a 1979 CIF Tournament of Champions program from back when they had the tourney at the Oakland Coliseum Arena. According to the seller:

The boy’s teams include the Rio Linda Knights, Campolindo Cougars, Crenshaw Cougars, East Bakersfield Blades, St. Francis Lancers, Geo. Washington Eagles, Bishop O’Dowd Dragons, and St. Marys Rams.

You’ll find it listed at Ebay, here.

And that’s it for this update. It’s getting very COLD right now, so I need to find a very hot shower.

Happy 2011, everyone!


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    • Thanks Cathy. I wish I had more of this kind of content. All the negative perception and disparaging media commentary about Rio Linda disregards the rich history and quality of life we enjoy here. Someday, we’ll get it all sorted out and we’ll gain a positive perception once again!

  • Johnny, that charm is called a Senior Key. I dont remember where we got them from but I think I have one somewhere.