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The Fight Against Illegal Dumping is On

From Sacramento County:

Have you ever driven by an abandoned mattress or refrigerator dumped on the side of the road? These “illegal dumping sites” are dangerous, often contain hazardous waste, attract rodents and other vectors, and can hinder the flow of traffic. They mar rural scenery throughout the County and crop up in neighborhoods, creating blight and contributing to lower home values. They even pose a risk for contamination of local rivers and streams.

As part of a comprehensive clean-up effort in unincorporated areas, the County employs a multi-pronged approach to cleaning up dump sites including neighborhood clean-up programs, an annual bulky item pickup , fast pickup of reported trash sites and an illegal dumping investigation program.

Illegal-dumping-signCode Enforcement’s neighborhood cleanup program brings in extra resources such as commercial refuse bins, free hauling services, and extra volunteers to help neighbors clean up their residences. “We felt more resources were needed in some areas, especially with the elderly and disabled who often do not have means to get rid of waste,” said Carl Simpson, Chief Code Enforcement, said. “With our clean ups, we help people help themselves. As a result, people take more pride in, and take more control of, the environments they live in.”

Additionally, Code Enforcement houses the County’s one and only illegal dumping investigator. Senior Code Enforcement Officer, Scott Woodward, is out and about daily, examining dumped materials, monitoring surveillance cameras, and taking witness statements, all in an effort to identify the violators. Criminal citations are issued, and the violator has a date with the County court system.

The Department of Waste Management & Recycling (DWMR) is actively involved in the clean-up efforts of illegally dumped materials. Across the County, there are locations known as hot spots for illegal dumping. On a regular basis, DWMR patrols these areas to ensure these sites are cleaned up quickly and responses to complaints are timely.

DWMR also offers a once-per-year bulky waste pick up service to its residential customers called the Appointment Based Neighborhood Clean Up (ABNCU) program. This service is included in the monthly rate. Additional bulky waste pick up appointments can be scheduled throughout the year at a low cost of $25 for each additional appointment. In 2012, DWMR hauled away over 5,000 tons of material from residents using the ABNCU program. Customers can contact customer service at 875-5555 or go online to www.sacgreenteam.com to schedule an appointment. The ABNCU program is a convenient, low-cost disposal option for residential customers located in the unincorporated area of the county.

There is also a list of licensed haulers that the County maintains for those who have no means of transporting trash.

Your help is essential to combating the creation of illegal dump sites. To report illegal dumping, call 916-875-4311 or go online to www.311.saccounty.net . By reporting illegal dumping, you are making neighborhoods safer and helping clean up the environment. See it! Report it! Stop it!

Contact Info: ​Carl Simpson, Chief Code Enforcement, 916-874-6444

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