The NEW Rio Linda Library, and the Old Rio Linda Elementary

There’s an awful lot happening at Rio Linda elementary despite having been closed for the better part of a decade now.


The Rio Linda Library has operated out of a 4,000 square foot leased property in the Mar-Val Ray Shopping Center for more than 40 years. Although this shopping center was once a vital part of the community, in more recent years development has shifted the commercial center away, and the Mar-Val Ray Center is struggling. With the reduced traffic to this commercial center, the library has seen a drastic reduction in drop-in use. Overall library use has dropped about 20%, much of which may be attributable to the shift in commercial centers in the community.

The County has reached an agreement to relocate the library to the now closed Rio Linda Elementary School site. The property is now undergoing reconstruction, and they are currently in the mitigation phase. Once that is complete, construction will finish quickly, and the library should be open sometime between August and October, 2013.



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